Our Mission

Our Story

Gigi Creations was created to honor my grandmother. Gigi was known for for the “junk” she collected over the years from yard sales and flea markets. She would bring it home and clean it up and make it sparkle again. With that same thought in mind the “junk” that we clean up is gathered locally from friends and family and local wineries. Then each of these creations is personally designed and made by hand by myself with the help of my husband and children. Our blood sweat and sometimes tears goes into these creations.

We Donate!

Part of this process began as a way honor and remember our Gigi who passed away from Alzheimer in 2017. As Gigi’s Alzheimer progressed over the years one thing became clear and that was although her mind was fading her artistic abilities never wavered.  The assisted living home she was in encouraged the residents to remember their inner talents and let them out.  That encouragement helped me cope with Gigi’s Alzheimer and ultimately cope with the loss of her and help my kids find an outlet to express their loss as well. The work I saw from Gigi pushed me to think outside the box and find ways to deal with life’s difficulties in a different way than most people would. I turned to crafts and those creations help me cope and help me and my family face the hard truths we had seen as we helped to take care of Gigi through the progression of her disease. So a portion of all of our sales of these creations goes to support the charities that I walk/run for annually at events around the country.  Including the Alzheimer Association and St. Jude Children Research Hospital being two of our biggest chariest that our family and now Gigi Creations supports annually.

All art is handmade in Frederick, Maryland by a small family owned company. Our homedecor, as well as holiday decor is perfect for every occasion! So please support a local small business and shop our handmade products now available for purchase on our Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/GigiCreationsLLC