Our mission here at Gigi Creations LLC is to add a little flare and sparkle to repurposed junk!

Everything deservers a second chance and we take bottles, corks, pallets, and anything else that catches our fancy and turn it into something beautiful. Or if we can’t find one purpose than it may find another purpose in helping Dylan create his canvases. Either way we find a way to use the things we find.

There is one thing we do ask of our customers and that is please keep in mind that all of our creations are handmade and one of a kind. So no two are ever really alike, and the fact the they are made on pallet wood, or corks, or bottles. They will have flaws and plus they are hand painted and handmade. There is no machine here just me. So if you are looking for cookie cutter we are not for you. But if you are looking for unique and individual we have that. No two pieces will be the same when they are hand painted so you will always get a one of a kind.

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well for updates, in process photos, and a look into how all of our creations are made! Plus you can always find out where our next event will be!

*2022 COMING SOON**Our 2021 Alzheimer Walk donation link for Team Hays Strong is officially up and running so please think about donating to either our team or my personal page!! This is the cause the most near and dear to our hearts and the whole reason we started this business.



All art is handmade in Frederick, Maryland by a small family owned company. Our homedecor, as well as holiday decor is perfect for every occasion! So please support a local small business and shop our handmade products made from junk, dontations, things collected on our family’s travels, and so much more!